A Place for Ingrid Margaret Ogan


Published: 1962



A Place for Ingrid  by  Margaret Ogan

A Place for Ingrid by Margaret Ogan
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As the plane circled the field, preparing to land at Los Angeles, Ingrid Hansson felt pangs of homesickness, yet she was full of anticipation, too. Her native Sweden was so very far behind, and with it Papa and Aunt Sigurd and all that was dear to her.

What lay ahead was so new -- she had never been to America, nor had she met her Aunt Adele and Uncle Sven, who would greet her at the airport. Uncle Sven had left Sweden long ago, before Ingrid was born, and Aunt Adele was his American wife, who had never been to Sweden.The real reason for Ingrids coming to Americanwas her audition before Mr. Galen, its famous director, for a scholarship to study drama at the Pasadena Playhouse. The thought of the audition aroused in Ingrid some anxiety, though she felt certain she would be accepted. She knew she was meant to be an actress.

But there was always the chance that she would blunder in some way, that she would forget her lines, or worse still, even her English, which Papa, who was Professor of English at the University of Gothenburg, had taught her so carefully. Ingrid had much to think about as the plane circled the airfield.What happens when the plane lands and Ingrid is in America brings many surprises. To begin with, her uncle is not Sven at all, but a most Americanized Uncle Steven.

Aunt Adele is warmer and prettier and more wonderful than Ingrid could ever have hoped. And there is little Skipper, their son, not to mention the Hollywood Daredevils, an automobile thrill show owned and run by her uncle and aunt. Ingrid loses her homesickness rapidly, and with each new experience comes to understand and like America more.The audition with Mr. Galen takes an unexpected turn, and Ingrid finds herself on the road, touring with the Hollywood Daredevils!

Then, with the Daredevils, she meets tall, good-looking Walt Brady...This is a story full of the excitement and suspense of a thrill show whose members are a wonderful, lovable group of people. It is also the story of a young girls encounter with a new world, and how she finds her way through a maze of bewildering experiences.

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